Old TV Remote

A LPC Xpresso 1769 based game controller for OLDTV

About the project

The project aims to use the LPC Xpresso 1769 as the “Old TV” video game controller. The project achieves this by using the LPC microcontroller as an intermediate between IR Receiver and the user computer. Despite its aim and the name, this project actually is extensible enough to allow the user to bind arbitrary commands and functionalities to the remote buttons.

This project is my first foray into the world of microcontroller programming. One of the main challenges of this project is that I never knew for sure if what I am trying to do is possible due to me being an absolute newcomer in the microprocessor world.

Needless to say, the result of this project comes off even better than what I expected. My expectation of the project initially is that the game would be playable but only just, during testing however not only do the gaming experience with the remote go on smoothly but I even managed to beat an entire game.